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August 20, 20210

The luxurious and exclusive Marae development is located close to the Andalusian village lifestyle of Torremuelle but only five minutes from the outskirts of Benalmádena. Shops, a weekly market and schools are all found in Banalmadena. The terrain around the project is breathtaking and offers itself as a base for water-sports and walking. Marae provides an ideal location, around 20 minutes from Malaga airport, half an hour from Marbella and just 90 minutes from Gibraltar.

Benalmádena Costa

This is an urban/coastal mix with a wide range of amenities which include discos/clubs, beaches, shopping centers and a marina. Nearby attractions include a Sea-Life center and a theme park featuring all type of sea animals.


Playa de Carvajal

Located on the border between Benalmádena and Fuengirola, Carvajal Beach is notable for its tranquil sea. The beach holds “Q” for Quality certification and has received the Blue Flag beach award signifying both its safety and quality.

The beach is located in an urban area and has access to a wide range of amenities which will assist in providing the perfect day at the beach. It has to be said that this beach is very popular and busy during high season. The beach is considered safe due to the provision of lifeguards and regular cleaning of the sand.
Playa de Carvajal is just a 7-10 minute drive from Marae, a distance of around 5Km. There is free parking available.

Beach Carvajal

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Playa de Tajo de la Soga

This is perhaps the most pristine of beaches in the area which combines sand with unique, rocky coves. The beach extends for around 400 meters and the waves are usually quite calm. The beach area offers a number of restaurants and there are umbrella’s and sunbeds for hire.

This location features ‘Banalcan’ which is a pet friendly beach. The beach is located in an urban area and is suitable for visitors with disabilities. Playa de Tajo de la Soga is around 6Km from Marae, which is an 8-10 minute drive.

Beach Tajo de la Soga

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Playa de la Morera O la Perla

This beach is found between Torremuelle and Tajo de la Soga beaches. Playa de la Morera O la Perla is around 700 meters in length and has a width of around 15 meters. Due to its ease of access, this beach can be very busy during high season as it is in a very peaceful, under-developed location. The dark coloured sand is surrounded by rocks which provide a very ‘private’ atmosphere. This beach is also suitable for disabled people. With free parking provided, this beach is just 6 minutes, or 3Km, from Marae.

Beach Morera o La Perla

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Playa de Torremuelle

Torremuelle Beach stretches along around 1,000 metres of coastline and averages around 15 meters in width. The sand is dark and gravelly which often means that it does not attract the large numbers seen by other beaches in the area. This can be an oasis of relative calm and tranquility. A 5-6 minute, 3Km, drive is all that is required for the trip from Marae.

Beach Torremuelle

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Playa de la Viborilla

Just a 6 – 7 minutes, 3.5 km drive, this beach is 500 metres long and 30 metres wide. It consists of a number of coves within a perimeter of natural vegetation. The diversity of marine creatures and plants attracts many scuba divers. This beach provides accessibility for visitors who may suffer impaired mobility and there is free parking available.

Beach la Viborilla

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