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September 23, 20210

From the moment you step off the plane, you feel the cultural and physical warmth of the Mediterranean. The blues of the sky and sea intensify, basking in the vibrant natural light of literally being on the middle of the earth. You are captivated by the ancient history which winds itself through modern life. And, even if you are not specifically on holiday, a feeling of de-stressing and a better quality of life envelopes you. The Costa del Sol is one of the most beautiful parts of the Mediterranean and draws folk from all over the world to enjoy its scenery and lifestyle. The new villas at Marae Residences are perfectly located to make the most of it all, set within the smaller town of Benalmadena yet within easy reach of Malaga’s larger offerings.

Perfect weather

Thanks to an appealing climate, the Mediterranean allows not only for longer days to enjoy a relaxed social life in the evenings, but the daytime temperature provides endless opportunities to meet up with friends and family with an almost guarantee of the weather not spoiling any plans.


Mediterranean weather



The vast golden sands of the Costa del Sol, coupled with its rocky mountainous backdrop makes it the perfect place to enjoy myriad outdoor pursuits, such as walking, water sports, golf and canyoning to name a few. The diversity of the landscape, from its bays and dunes right up to the top of its cliffs makes you want immerse yourself and take in deep breaths of clear, fresh air. Whether you fancy a heart pumping trail through the mountains, or a gentle amble through ornamental gardens, the Costa del Sol will not disappoint in natural beauty.

Marae Residence Views


Mediterranean diet: healthy and delightful

At the heart of all this outdoor living is the food. Each region’s own produce plays a central role in the Mediterranean life, with an abundance of fresh vegetables, fruit, olives, cheese, seafood, wine and much more, all prepared and consumed with great respect and appreciation. The Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest on the planet. With the emphasis on good, wholesome local ingredients and very little processed food, eating is not just an enjoyable occasion, it’s also super good for you. It’s no coincidence that Mediterraneans have one of the lowest rates of heart disease and obesity in the world. For days when you don’t feel like cooking, being popular with tourists the Costa del Sol is not short of great places to eat out, many of which are in stunningly pretty spots and all proud to serve local recipes handed down through families.

Mediterranean diet

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Full of history

Evidence of ancient history is all around you in the Med. The lives of previous generations can be seen woven into the landscape, giving a sense of the transiency of our own time on earth and place in the world. There are castle monuments and historic stone structures, along with museums containing fascinating artefacts and archaeological finds.

The healthy, fulfilling and varied lifestyle available in the Mediterranean is within reach. With so many mental and physical wellbeing benefits, it is a way of life we all aspire to. A villa at Marae Residences can allow you to step into that better quality of lifestyle and enjoy all that Costa del Sol has to offer.

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