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May 14, 20210

Though southern Spain is famous for its warm year-round climate, you want to have access to effective heating when you need it. If you’re a keen golfer or want to make the most of peaceful beaches, charming towns and hikes into the lovely interior scenery, you may well visit during the winter months, and if you choose to live in Marae year-round you will also occasionally find the need to warm your home up and make it all toasty and cosy.

Modern properties on the Costa del Sol have far surpassed the standards of older holiday homes that were cool in summer but less comfortable in winter. Today’s homeowner here demands the same quality and amenities as they enjoy back home, and this is exactly what we offer in the properties we are designing and building right now. In terms of sound, heat and humidity insulation, as well as energy efficiency and climate control, you’ll want for nothing.


Under floor comfort

There are many different types of heating, but none is as enjoyable and effective as underfloor heating. We tend to feel the cold most in our extremities, so if your feet are nice and snug as you come out of the bath, you will warm up more quickly and stay warm inside and out. The system is composed of electric heating ducts that are threaded under the floor, be it wood, ceramic or marble, and controlled by a thermostat or intelligent management control.

One of the big advantages of underfloor heating is that the warmth is emits radiates upwards and is distributed evenly through the room, thus reducing heat pockets and energy waste. If installed properly, it is one of the most economical forms of heating your home, with savings of 15-20% in comparison with other systems. Marae has a philosophy of working with the best brands for optimal comfort, value and durability, so we have chosen Uponor, a top-quality supplier in this field.


Uponor heating

The cross-linked polyethylene pipes are placed under the floor’s surface and produce a comfortable temperature over a broad area. We install them in the living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms to ensure optimal year-round comfort in the homes we create, and they work equally well under different floor surfaces, creating a wonderfully warm sensation underfoot. Just set your preferred temperature and it is achieved quickly and then evenly maintained.

Uponor is a leading brand in this field and was chosen for the quality and durability of its materials, its advanced technology and the excellent installation and support service it provides. The systems are installed in collaboration with our own technicians, and everything is geared towards ensuring the homes we deliver at Marae set a new standard of comfort and functionality no matter what time of the year.

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