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May 14, 20210

Sustainable homes are at the vanguard of the construction sector, as more and more modern homes are designed to be energy-efficient, reduce power usage and utilities bills through better insulation, as well as make use of smart home automation systems that further improve efficiencies through clever features. These include automated shutters that open and close at different times of the day to keep home temperatures as constant as possible.

A home like this is also damp-free and comfortable, but increasingly when we speak of sustainable homes the issue of health and wellbeing is included as well. This is because good, natural ventilation of quality air forms part of an energy-efficient home – one that requires a minimum of heating and cooling throughout the day or night. And these, along with dry, poorly ionised air are frequent causes of colds, headaches and other ailments, have an impact on your health too.

Healthy homes are also designed to use natural fibres and remain free of chemical residues of the kind found in the carpets we were used to up to a decade or two ago. In a well-ventilated house there is also less need to keep opening and closing windows – with all the accompanying dust, pollen and insects that then enter the house – while the lower humidity levels and reduced blasts of hot and cold air carried through ducts and tubes also significantly diminish the presence of bacteria and redistribution of germs around the house.

So, we go from the old idea of homes that can be humid or stuffy, hot in the summer and cold in the winter, and evolve into fresh interiors with good air and a more or less constant, comfortable temperature throughout the seasons. Such a property is a pleasant and healthier place to be in, but it does require a proper air channelling system – either through natural or mechanical air exchange and distribution. The homes in Urbania are fitted with dual flow ventilation systems with air purifying and filtration to ensure less consumption, lower bills and healthier air all-round.

This produces a natural fresh air distribution, or ventilation, throughout the home, which when combined with relatively constant ambient temperatures that are not subjected to alternating heating and air conditioning, greatly improve the air quality within the property. 

Speak to our technical teams for more information about the advanced systems employed in all Marae properties and the reasons why we have received the highest possible energy-efficient certification.

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